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hello! we are a creative studio

through spatial design we help business and home owners to create their dream space.

From styling and visual merchandising to interior and architectural projects

Hospitality, retail, and residential.

No space is too big or too small to be

well thought and planned!


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04 team

Juan Gomez
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With a solid background in Architecture, design tutoring at Monash University and UTS.

A true design thinker!

Diana Perez
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Experienced in Architecture, with a focus spatial design, well informed interiors and styling.

The team's Design Eye!

Miguel Gonzalez
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Background in Architecture, with a secret life as a visual artist, muralist and illustrator.

The master of sketches and visualisation!

05 what we do


to help you assessing:

Where are you?

Where do you want to go?

A feasible budget

to get there?

design concept

A detailed Project Brief with diagnosis and advice, plus styling mood-board and spatial concept options

...and feel the power of a clear vision!


A virtual 3D model and a suite of preliminary technical drawings. 

You will be ready to go and realize your vision.

Hold tight, it’s going to be a fun ride!


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